Our Product

Xkin Products utilize a formula especially developed by the world prominent acne researcher. Our Xkin treatment methods are customized for each grade of acne and therefore it delivers fast results. The treatment style of Xkin is innovative and exclusive treatment that shows excellent result. It differs from all the other established acne treatments. Xkin staff includes dermatologist, chemist, and biochemist with over 35 years of research on acne. Our research and development is devoted to improve our current formula and search for the new ingredients against acne. We have ample clinical experience; we know exactly how to cure acne. That’s why we promise hope and dream for those who suffer from acne. For we know our 90 day treatment will work, we wish for you to look and feel your best. Xkin is FDA Approved products.

Population afflicted with Acne

85% of teenagers to young adults from 14 to 25 years old experience acne in his or her life, a confirmed fact according to the poll taken from Kaiser Permanente. Also according to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), acne affects 40~50 million Americans. Nearly 85% of all people have acne at some point in their lives, most often on their face, chest and back. Acne is not limited to one portion of the population. It affects all ages, races and genders. According to Dr. Albert Kligman, M.D., Ph.D., 85% of teenagers are affected by acne. Within this population, 25% of them get scars that will never be healed. Even 20% of the adults are still suffering from acne. Early teen acne carries on to 30 ~ 50 years or even lifetimes. Later teen acne carries on for about 2 ~ 5 years or late 20s. Acne influences the person’s mind, and may cause some to attempt suicide, according to the study led by Peter Watson at Auckland University in New Zealand. According to this research, 34% of young people with problem acne had thought about killing themselves, and 13% had attempted suicide. Also the students with problem acne reported high rates of depressive symptoms (24%) and anxiety (9%). This is in contrast to those without problem acne who had thought about killing themselves (22%), had attempted suicide (7%), depressive symptoms (12%).

Xkin Treatment:

1) Term of keratinization Acne affected skin have keratinization period of 35-45 days →
    change this back to a normal 28 days
2) Strengthen pores
3) Control the amount of sebum

Acne Treatment Effectiveness:

After 3 months – 80-90% of the Acne cleared