Understanding the Cause of Acne

83% of acne is genetically caused. (Following Dr. Albert Kligman, M.D., Ph.D. researches) The other 17% are caused by stress (adrenal → testosterone), sleeplessness, competition (sports athlete), high calorie food, unbalanced menstruation cycle, continued use of medicine especially any kind of birth control pills (testosterone)

Processing Acne

Testosterone → Dihydrotestosterone → Sebum (oil)

There are four kinds of acnes:

Grade 1 is black head, which is an open comedo.
Grade 2 is white head, which is a closed comedo.
Grade 3 is papules.
Grade 4 is pustules.


Myths about Acne:

* Eating chocolate causes acne.
* Eating oily foods causes acne.
* Eating sweet foods causes acne.
* Having sexual thoughts causes acne.
* Psychological problems cause acne.
* Only teenagers get acne.
* Acne doesn't have cure
* Acne can be cured through regular make-up.
* Acne scars disappear over time.
* Dirt causes acne
All of the above DOES NOT cause an acne.


-  Taking Vitamins
1) Zinc (100mg — daily) for 6 months → Strengthens the pores
2) B. complex, with Vitamin C (1 tablet – daily) for 6 months → Not easily stressed
-  Getting Enough Sleep
-  Not Getting Stressed


1) Do not eat:
    Salty, Kelp, (W/ 1/10 - IODINE), Peanut, Chip, Popcorn, French Fries, Hamburger, Pizza, Cheese, Milk, Bread, Garlic,
    Anti-biotic, Herbal Medicine, Vitamin (1 tablet contains IODINE 15mg) → Creates sebum
2) Do not use comedogenic cosmetics. (Use oil-free) → Enlarges acne
3) Do not pick → Creates scar
4) Avoid: Steam, Hot Water, Hot Towel → Weaken Pores.