Vanessa Valdez (age:27) – Fremont, CA

I’m Vanessa Valdez who’s been treated by Mr.Yoo for my bad Acne. I tried used ProActiv products last several years
but still my pimples bothered me a lot. Especially on my forehead and nose area!!!  After two weeks of using xkin products,
they are all gone!!! I am very happy now and love my skin. Thank you Mr. Yoo


Brian Kim (age:22) – San Jose, CA

My name is Brian Kim
I’m 22 years old and I always had acne everyday! I had stress a lot and my mind is always on my face. I tried used every Acne products out there at the shop but it’s not satisfied me. Meanwhile, I found the ad on newspaper that article about xkin product, I did not believe at first but when I first tied it, I could feel the change in my face. My skin was smoother and much less red pimples next second day. I kept on used for three month and it’s all gone now!!!
I’m very happy with my beautiful skin and my life has completely changed. Thanks a lot.


Jeff Wang (age:24) – Burlingame, CA

My name is Jeff Wang , 24years old and have been using Xkin Acne free product for little over five times treatment by Mr. Yoo who is expert and specialist in the Bay Area. I had really bad acne and tried use everything from Acne Free, proactive, Retin-a and even home remedies but it was not worked!!!
It seems to work at the begging for a while but my acne popped out again and again. My families are
surprised that how clean my face is now! Thank you Mr. Yoo and I love your products!!!


Suzie Oh (age:17) – Mountain View, CA

My name is Suzie Oh and I’m 17years old high school student.
My mom took me to go to see Mr. Yoo who is Acne specialist two month ago. Mr. Yoo treated my face just two times and I followed his instructions. It’s been only two month treatment. I had bad pimples on both cheeks.
Thanks Xkin for giving me beautiful skin!!
It’s amazing! It’s awesome!!! Thanks, Xkin products.